“Users' friend.”

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Aapo Puskala

Extensive experience

I am the owner and CEO of User Point, Inc. I've been working in usability field for over 10 years in companies like Nokia, KONE, HUT, Mirasys and Idean. Now I offer usability services, website design and implementation through my own company User Pointin kautta.

Ease of use is not expensive, but it can be expensive to forget it. A great user experience does not happen by chance. If you want your product to be easy to use, contact me!

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Both sides of the coin

Designing a great user experience requires understanding of both users and technology. The greatest experience is worthless if it cannot be implemented, yet the greatest technology loses its appeal without a great user interface.

I am a cognitive psychologist, specializing in usability, human information processing and perception. I've become an IT expert through over 20 years of experience. I am familiar with both sides of the coin. The best user interface utilizes the best from both worlds, making them work together instead of against each other.